SIDPA France can offer guidance for all your ventilation and capture requirements: -visit from a technician, measurements, advice on the ventilation route and the most suitable equipment. -wiring electrics, modifying existing installation to adapt it to our products…

Mini-extractor for fumes and vapours

  • 2 articulated extraction arms, Ø 50, 75 or 100mm
  • Various arm lengths
  • Fixed on worktop, wall or ceiling
  • 8 capture accessories (nozzles, cones etc.)

Extractor for atomic absorption spectrophotometer

  • Ø 100 mm tube and bend in stainless steel
  • stainless steel centrifugal ventilator
  • 300 X 300 stainless steel extraction cone on Ø 125 mm flexible stainless steel tube (or other)


  • M1 PVC accessories (bends, reductions, adaptations, etc.)
  • PVC hygiene panels on walls, separations and floors.
  • Manual or electric adjustment log book
  • Evacuation on roof or wall
  • Soundproof box and flow back silencer available on request
  • Ventilator on exterior support frame


  • Centrifugal or turret ventilator, polypropylene (PPH) volute
  • 400V or 240V Three-phase motor
  • Fixed along the piping, on a wall support or outside
  • variable speed possible
We assure SAS under tiny 48 hours and 2 weeks maxi, depending on the importance of met problem.
Free intervention within the limits of guarantee.